from piers gaveston’s vignette in severence by robert olen butler

after decapitation, it is possible a human head remains conscious for one and a half minutes (!!! right?).  coupling this with the thought that “in a heightened state of emotion, we speak at the rate of 160 words per minute,” butler’s book collects vignettes from the perspective of the decapitated throughout history, each exactly 240 words.

first of all, the idea of this is fantastic: a collection of short prosepoem train-of-thought things by various decapitated historical/mythical/contemporary persons, all 240 words long.  a m a z i n g  conceit. 

secondly: holy hell, greetings and welcome my ideal writing

i hate capitalization (HATE IT this is why hangul is so righteous) and mostly this is without; I LOVE ADORE loooong run-on sentences - the type that just go on and on and you can practically roll around in and it’s glorious; and not-quite-lucid poetic Feelings Monsters are definitely one of my weaknesses. 

and also this one is about a gay king, so, you know, yeah