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Apparently other than writing famous cosmic horror fiction Lovecraft was also known for the nerdiest sounding letters.” - My brother


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(I’m condensing things.)

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Oh lord.

oh my god

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Lady of Orda Cave by Natalia Avseenko and Phototeam.PRO

Two-time world champion free diver Natalia Avseenko ventured deep into Ordynskaya Cave in Perm, Russia… one of the longest and biggest underwater gypsum caves in the world, dressed as the mythical Lady of the Cave, a spirit who protects divers inside the “natural cathedral”.

Photogs: Website / Behance

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Here’s an awesome little piece of history:

Archaeologists in the Burnt City have discovered what appears to be an ancient prosthetic eye. What makes this discovery exceptionally awesome is the striking description of how the owner and her false eye would have appeared while she was still alive and blinking:

[The eye] has a hemispherical form and a diameter of just over 2.5 cm (1 inch). It consists of very light material, probably bitumen paste. The surface of the artificial eye is covered with a thin layer of gold, engraved with a central circle (representing the iris) and gold lines patterned like sun rays. The female remains found with the artificial eye was 1.82 m tall (6 feet), much taller than ordinary women of her time. On both sides of the eye are drilled tiny holes, through which a golden thread could hold the eyeball in place. Since microscopic research has shown that the eye socket showed clear imprints of the golden thread, the eyeball must have been worn during her lifetime. The woman’s skeleton has been dated to between 2900 and 2800 BCE. 

So she was an extraordinarily tall woman walking around wearing an engraved golden eye patterned with rays like a tiny sun. What an awesome sight that must have been. [via TYWKIWDBI]

so cool so cool so coooooool

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 Solomon Conn’s Violin Diary

On May 1st, 1863, Solomon Conn bought a violin in Nashville, Tennessee. By the end of his years as an infantryman in Company B of the 87th Indiana Volunteers, he’d re-purposed it into a diary, inscribing its wood with a list of his travels—one of the most unusual artifacts to survive the Civil War. 

oh my GOD

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foyer of the Ópera de Paris

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the third movement of Paganini’s Concerto No.2 in B minor: Rondo "La Campanella" ("The Bell"), composed 1826

ugh at like 5:30 and 6:20 and the whole thing what is life how do you fingers

no seriously listen

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the most amazing name-history-tracking tool thingamajig ever ›

this is the baby name voyager. it. is. amazing.  type in a name to see a graph of its popularity over the last 100 years!

type in your name. type in every name you can think of. ponder:

  • what made Pearl cease to be a popular boy’s name? (#208 in the 1880s…zero since 1940)
  • what happened to Ora? Lyman? Concetta?
  • what’s with the sudden spike of Carol to be the 348th most popular boy’s name in the 1930s?

you can also type in single letters, or combos of letters, which is fascinating - apparently everyone in 1890’s name started with H, but that became super lame in the 1940s…and is now mostly for girls?

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The Speech Accent Archive ›


This is fascinating. They have a wide array of people from around the world saying the same sentence.

The British Library’s phonological variation map is a similar amazing resource !

The differences between Keswick vs Northumberland vs Northallerton ‘headmaster’, England what are you

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This is a long, wooden, downhill track that was able to reproduce Bach’s Cantata 147, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. This is a pretty phenomenal achievement and a beautiful piece of art.

Jaw, dropped. Oh my lord I am SO happy I saw this. made my day.

in. love.

Title: O Death Artist: Jen Titus 2,830 plays



Jen Titus - O Death

This song was used in the episode “Two Minutes To Midnight” for the entrance of Death (also known as the most BAMF and awesome character entrance ever). The music is just epic.

this whole entrance and cover were straight-up brilliant.

seriously, turn out the lights, turn up dem speakers, get the shivers

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look at these shoes by kobi levi

i am screaming !!!

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