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Guido Reni (1575-1642): Saint Sebastian, 1615. (detail). [x]

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“His personal life was disastrous, a swamp of neuroses. Reni had the misfortune to be a gambling addict, always badly in debt, and turning out masses of hackwork to stay afloat. It had been surmised, no doubt rightly, that his gambling was inspired by masochism - losing was a form of self-flagellation for the sin of being alive…He was socially inept, agonizingly aware of his poor education (which hampered him as a history painter and made him hopelessly awkward with sophistcates and scholars) and an extreme closet case. It was commonly assumed that he lived and died a virgin. He was not only a daily church-goer but morbidly superstitious. Women terrified him - he suspected them all of being witches, a suspicion they could allay only if they showed themselves to be the Virgin Mary, a hard thing to prove - and he could not bear it if anyone except his own mother touched his laundry.” - Robert Hughes

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St. Sebastian, St. John the Baptist and an Angel all by Guido Reni.

After this article  on the history of St. Sebastian and his depictions.  [More pictures of St. Sebastian here - 1 , 2 ; St. John - 1 , 2 ]

guido reni, david and goliath 

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Guido Reni

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Guido Reni, David with the Head of Goliath, 1606-7

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Guido Reni

 #i bought that anne rice book ‘violin’ because the picture on the left is the cover #seriously that’s really the only reason i bought it #ugh st. sebastian

hahahahaa i fell into this exact trap, curse your sly tricks guido reni

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guido reni's 1639 saint sebastian

before and after cleaning and restoration